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An authority on asphalt road construction

Rosenberg, June 2017

An authority on asphalt road construction  European Asphalt Pavement Association (EAPA) honors Horst Erdlen for his services at its Symposium 2017  

The ideal road – what should it be like? 
For years now Horst Erdlen, Head of the Business Unit Road Construction at J. Rettenmaier & Söhne in Rosenberg/Germany, has devoted himself to improving our roads – with success! The fiber pellets and additives produced by JRS not only have a positive impact on the characteristics of asphalt roads but are also environment-friendly and make travelling by car safe and comfortable. 

The asphalt industry values Horst Erdlen as a competent, innovative, reliable specialist on asphalt road construction topics. He knows the scene like the back of his hand, often playing a key role in shaping it. While the native of Heidenheim often returns to his attractive home town on the eastern fringes of Germany’s Swabian Jura region, as the top manager for road construction at JRS, he now spends a lot of time travelling around the world.

JRS, J. Rettenmaier & Söhne in Rosenberg/Germany, focuses on the technological use of organic fibers and their functional characteristics for a wide range of applications in almost all areas of industry. The Business Unit Road Construction provides additives for asphalt road construction worldwide. The product portfolio is marketed under the umbrella brand VIATOP®, which is well recognised in all continents for 30 years now.  

Europe’s largest aqueduct, located in the Netherlands, has just been completed using VIATOP® premium – a gigantic construction project with investment costs of 1 500 000 000 euros. It makes an effective contribution to relieving congestion on that road network. And within the scope of the “Olympic Way” project in Rio de Janeiro roads were widened to five lanes, delivering a major improvement in the region’s traffic capacity. 

Whether for national motorways, major federal roads, city streets or local routes – JRS offers solutions for all the requirements made by modern, high-performance road networks. Long-lasting and thus cost-effective, asphalt construction methods are in demand – of course with VIATOP® inside! 

The unbeatable combination of an ecological product approach and state-of-the-art functional technology not only makes road construction more efficient and economic; the three-dimensional network of natural fibers made from specially processed cellulose qualities ensures that new asphalt surface layers are long-lasting, stable, quiet and provide good skid resistance – new ways for more quality of life. 

On the occasion of the 2017 EAPA symposium held in Paris in early June and attended by experts from all over the world, Horst Erdlen was honored with the “EAPA´s Asphalt Advocate of the Year 2017” award for his commitment and outstanding campaigns to promote asphalt – the very first time this award was granted in EAPA’s history. 

For more information visit:, 

Horst Erdlen
Horst Erdlen

TierWohl-ambassador Michael Jung awarded youngest "Reitmeister" of all times

Rosenberg, 23. November 2016 

TierWohl-ambassador Michael Jung appointed youngest "Reitmeister" of all times 

Title awarded as part of the Stuttgart German Masters 2016 

At this year 's Olympics in Rio de Janeiro Michael Jung proved in an impressive way that he is an outstanding event rider: gold in the singles, for the second time after London, previously silver with the German team - and now he is the youngest "Reitmeister" ever! 

The German Equestrian Federation awards many years of outstanding results with this title, as a trainer of top riders and horses as well as for an impeccable commitment to the equestrian sports. 

At the 32. Stuttgart German Masters, the enthusiastic audience celebrated the 34-year-old TierWohl-ambassador. Visitors were even able to experience him live at an autograph session at the JRS TierWohl booth.

Michael Jung is not only very welcome at international riding events, but also at Rosenberg for a lively exchange of experience with the JRS-experts: professional expertise in horse care and hygiene, valuable insider tips, which improve TierWohl even further - the natural, highly efficient TierWohl products are specially tailored to the needs and the keeping of horses - for greater efficiency and hygiene in the horse box.

For more information visit: www.tierwohl.euBusiness Unit Pet Care

Michael Jung
Michael Jung

To Enhance Sprays and More

"How to enhance sunscreens with the help of a natural stabiliser and sensory improver"

Read the full article from Florentine Reinhardt, Sales Manager Home and Personal Care JRS

Published at COSSMA, Issue 1-2/2017

Winner - PCHi17 Fountain Award Green / Sustainable

We are the winner - PCHi17 Fountain Award Category: Green / Sustainable
® CS 250G and VIVAPUR® CS 9FM

Congratulations to our Team from the Business Unit Home & Personal Care!

Product Details:
INCI: Microcrystalline Cellulose
Effect: Absorption, Texturizing

INCI: Cellulose
Effect: Balling, Scrub

Both products are made from renewable resources. They are ecofriendly, safe and edible and are made in Germany.

For more information call our team:
0049 7967 152 473 

PCHi17 Fountain Awards Green / Sustainable  for VITACEL® CS 250G and VIVAPUR® CS 9FM

JRS PHARMA Now Direct in India

We are pleased to share that JRS Pharma products can now be purchased direct.

All business has been transferred from S. Zhaveri Pharmakem Pvt. Ltd. to Rettenmaier India Pvt. Ltd, a wholly owned (100%) subsidiary of the JRS Group. 

Contact Rettenmaier India Pvt. Ltd.: G-6, Ground Floor, Eternity Mall, Lbs Marg (West),
Teen Hath Naka, Thane - 400604,
Maharashtra, India
Phone: 91-22-402-43821

Michael Hampel Named New CEO of JRS PHARMA LP

We are excited to announce that Michael Hampel has been named the new CEO of our North American Pharma division.

Michael has been with JRS since 2007 and held various Area Sales Manager positions globally before going to China to manage sales activities in the JRS Shanghai office.

Mr. Hampel will oversee all JRS Pharma business in North American, including manufacturing.



It is a hot topic in all media: At least since Mr. Obama, the American president, adopted the law end of 2015, it is on everyone´s lips: polyethylene in the daily life cosmetics is not only dangerous for the environment; it also is harmful for humans! 

At least since numerous detections of micro plastics in the human food cycle (e.g. in fish stomachs, honey and milk) have been made, cosmetic manufacturers are more and more under surveillance. 

Unfortunately, microplastics and microbeads are still to be found in our daily life cosmetics. The resulting damage upon environment and wildlife is a well-known fact. Due to their specific density, the beads do not sink down in the sludge but directly find their way into our rivers, lakes and oceans.

The Natural Alternative to Plastic Microbeads - by JRS

In December 2015 the law was officially adopted: Manufacturing of products containing plastic microbeads is prohibited from July 1, 2017 on. Introduction or delivery for introduction into interstate commerce is prohibited from July 1, 2018 on. (link auf Gesetzesentwurf) 

Day by day, the demand for a green alternative is getting stronger. The substitution for the PE beads is not only expected to be optically and haptically equivalent, but also should be moving in the same price range whereas being easy to process. With his range of Cellulose Scrubs offers JRS a perfect solution and THE alternative to plastic microbeads. 

With his range of Cellulose Scrubs offers JRS a perfect substitute and THE alternative to plastic microbeads. 

You can find further informations on the sites of our Business Unit Home& Personal Care

Direct comparison shows the advantages:

Michael Jung, der erfolgreichste deutsche Vielseitigkeitsreiter, exklusiv auf dem JRS-TierWohl-Stand
Die natürliche Alternative zu Mikroplastik
Die natürliche Alternative zu Mikroplastik

Acquisition of Sun Opta Fiber and Starch Business, USA

JRS acquired the Sun Opta’s Fiber and Starch Business in the US which will strengthen the JRS Group and his core business Natural Fibers through many more attractive services and products. Beside productivity growth JRS expects tremdous synergy effects also in many other areas. Customers of JRS benefit of the new range: in product portfolio,technology, application know how and extended service supply.


Certified Energy Management System

By introducing the newly established certified energy management system JRS improves the power efficiency and at the same time CO2 emission.

INTRODUCTION ultra fine cellulose qualities

Actual, the product innovation ARBOCEL® UFC offers the smallest, industrial available solids from plant-derived raw material.
The Business Unit Innovation  provides you with further data and information.

VITACEL® Wheat Fiber awarded the ECARF Seal of Quality

VITACEL® Wheat Fiber awarded the ECARF Seal of Quality

The European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) has awarded VITACEL Wheat Fiber, a concentrated dietary fiber, the "Seal of Quality" for allergy-friendly products and services because its is gluten-free, phytin-free.

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